Jack Hanley









15cm x 15cm
10cm x 15cm
12cm x25cm
aka dog snog
20cm x 25cm
He felt a spring in his step as a thought sprung to mind.
35cm x 60cm
15cm x 16cm
22cm x 40cm
8cm x 11cm
(A celebration of same sex marriage)
15cm x 17cm
10cm x 11cm
For all you witches. !
10cm x 15cm  The cause of much social anxiety.
6cm x 18cm
8cm x 9cm
23cm x 30cm
The three graces , the three sisters , and there is always a gorgon in the sisters somewhere.....
20cm x 28cm
Well, we all need a unicorn of sorts in our lives.
13cm x  26cm
I'm paranoid,I'm selfish,push me, I clam up,I'm shellfish.
Inspired by a Kate Tempest lyric. 
Circles , Everybody Down
18cm x 36cm

No longer a rule of thumb, an old law that stated a husband could beat his wife as long as his stick was no wider than his rule of thumb.This chick has her husband reigned in.....
34cm x 16cm
Darling,thats lovely but I prefer my other Rabbit...

I know lots of girls who do .
16cm x 26cm

I heard that many babies are born looking like their fathers to convince the chap to hang around.
9cm x 20cm

What hideous diet are you on today ?
21cm x38cm
 or  Who is riding you ?
15cm x 37cm

I did once.
15cm x38cm

Might as well bonk the boys on the head if they are going to call us that.
19cm x 40cm

We all know a King dick.
 The wolf was no longer at the door but was actually at her feet , a sign of the times.
15cm x 20 cm

Poor ol dog
15cm x 20cm

She is a very cross zebra.
15cm x 25cm

In Japan,brides are made to wear a headress to hide their horns from their husbands.
Mother and daughter 
15cm x 16cm